The Blog: Parenting Adult Special Needs

Welcome. If you’re just discovering my blog and want to catch up to my series of daily posts about Parenting Adult Special Needs: One Day At A Time, this is the place to start. The series chronicles, from a parent’s perspective, our daughter’s transition as she aged out of her school system into the adult special needs phase of her life. Almost two years have passed since I began recording this process and with great satisfaction I can report that our daughter’s adult life is everything we have wished for her.

My goal has been to paint a picture in prose for parents of adult special needs to view as useful model for their journey. Each state has its own confusing process, each adult child their own set of challenges and abilities, each parental body, their unique gifts and opportunities. Some folks do not need government funding. Others have children who do not readily qualify for government funding, yet clearly are ill-equiped to live on their own. Whatever the composition of your child’s patchwork quilt of adult special needs living, perhaps this blog can be of help. Fingers crossed all our special children will arrive at a place of safety and fulfillment in adulthood. That is the wish; that is the work.

The Book: This Crazy Quilt: Parenting Adult Special Needs One Day At A Time

This Crazy Quilt: Parenting Adult Special Needs One Day At A Time is a collection of daily blog posts chronicling our family’s process as our special needs daughter turned 21 and “aged out” of her school system. It’s all here: our steps, missteps, failings, successes, emotional highs and lows, bureaucratic bumblings and staff saves.

The series of posts that became this book were an outgrowth of my professional blogging as a couples psychotherapist as well as a serendipitous confluence of conversations with friends and colleagues. One friend proffered, “This is a story that nobody is telling.” As the speaker was herself a journalist the comment gave me some pause.

My hope is that by extending my hand to you and guiding you through the pages of our family’s journey, you will feel less alone; that perhaps something in the pattern of our footsteps will offer guidance in your family’s quest to find a safe and satisfying adulthood for your special needs child.

The book includes illustrations by our daughter and an extensive list of post-secondary and other resources for parents of special needs children.