Having A Comrade Helps: 4-3-11

Our daughter is matched with another young lady to share an apartment (a CRS), and supervisory staff (utilizing the same service agency, required,  and a common DDS case manager, helpful but not necessary). Two young ladies together is good. For funding and other reasons, three would be better but no other match exists at this time. Matches depend on age out priority status and need level funding, geography, parental readiness, and enough similarities in skills and interests. And yes, the young ladies have met several times and like each other, so far.

Worries regarding compatibility. You bet!

The good news is that  I have a comrade, the other mother, to share the journey. Looking at apartments, meeting with the agencies, figuring out what patches to place in our daughters’ crazy quilt of a future. She is the yin to my yang. Pragmatic, focused and  decidedly younger. Lucky me.

By the way, Parade just did an article today about aging out of the system. You may want to take a look at it here.

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