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“Oh, The People You’ll Meet”: 4-20-11

Full Circle: Perhaps sixteen years ago or so, I attended a local meeting of parents of children with challenges. We were early in our journey and I found myself memorized by an attractive, vibrant mom whose son was perhaps eight or so years older than my daughter. She impressed me with her blunt approach towards… Read the Rest Of This Article

Graduation 2011: Again? 4-19-11

Another Graduation: Our daughter graduated from her boarding school secondary program in 2009. Two years later, one year shorter than many of her fellow graduates in ’09, she is about to graduate from the post secondary program. I thought we would low key this one. Her secondary program graduation brought in cousins, aunts, uncles and… Read the Rest Of This Article

Our Daughter’s Question: 4-18-11

Keeping Her In The Loop: Our daughter called yesterday with a question, “Did M. (our case manager) find out about the funding yet? Furthermore, “When will we know about the apartment?” I can hear both interest and excitement in her voice. An Informed Consumer: For years I have kept her abreast of the broad strokes… Read the Rest Of This Article

On The Same Page: 4-17-11

Vacancy: Yesterday we received notice in the mail that a vacancy for a two bedroom apartment in an affordable  housing complex became available. Sadly not in the town of our choice. Nor an area that we view as safe. The Other Mother: The notice came to our family but the decision had to be made by… Read the Rest Of This Article

Female and Special Needs: 4-16-11

Female and Special Needs: Our daughter qualifies for 24/7 supervision, so far. This designation is based on a group of factors including navigating safely while traveling to different settings; transitioning from one activity to another on time, such as sleep to work; social judgements along the lines of what to do if approached at the mall… Read the Rest Of This Article

Bureaucracy versus Safety: 4-15-11

Ceiling on Rent: I am feeling concerned regarding rent allocations. There is a HUD ceiling for a rental in our area that falls short of the current market value of a two bedroom apartment in the town that we would like our daughter to reside. To apply for a higher rent subsidy allocation, the other… Read the Rest Of This Article

The Alphabet Soup of Adult Special Needs: 4-14-11

Acronyms Abound: The category of housing that meets our daughter’s needs is a relatively new designation referred to as a CRS (Continuous Residential Support – different from a traditional group home/CLA “Community Living Arrangement” as CLA’s are licensed, and funding is different. The CRS “allows for more self-determination”. PRAT (Program Review….)is the body that will… Read the Rest Of This Article

Building Momentum: 4-13-11

A Structure Unfolding: We have momentum now. On the funding front our case manager and the services director from the service agency are putting the finishing touches on “Packages” to be presented to the funding bodies for approval. On another front, since our daughter’s decision not to return to her school/camp for the five week… Read the Rest Of This Article

Exiting: The Purpose of This Meeting 4-12-11

The Final PPT:  Yesterday, I received confirmation for our final PPT, mid May. Our daughter is now about to “exit” from our school district after 13 years of being under their auspices, since the age of 3. From her entrance into an inclusion special education preschool through her freshman year at the local high school,… Read the Rest Of This Article

Our Daughter The Blogger? 4-11-11

A Question of Privacy: Our daughter knows that I write a blog on couples relationships. As yet I have not told her that I began blogging on her aging out process. I figure this is a conversation to have in person, with visuals. She has enough on her plate, as they say, without adding another… Read the Rest Of This Article