Graduation #1: 5-24-11

Project Forward: This morning we are heading up to Cape Cod for the Project Forward graduation ceremony at Cape Cod Community College in Barnstable. I plan to buy some flowers or a Vera Bradley something while on the road. My husband and son are on board and our daughter is super excited.

Three Diplomas: Actually, she will receive three diplomas this Spring. Today’s is from CCCC. On June 12th, she walks at Riverview School for her Riverview/Grow diploma. On June 20th, her home district High School, Joel Barlow, has a diploma for her as well. At twenty one years old with eighteen intensive, and I mean intensive, years of special education under her belt, I think she deserves three diplomas.

A Smart Heart: Our daughter once described her older cousin as having a “smart heart.” “Margaret has a smart heart.” She nailed it. Margaret does have a smart heart. And so does our daughter. She is drawn to quality people, knows what to value in relationships, and eschews folks who are phony. As another cousin remarked “She cuts to the core. She sees the truth.” I seek out her take on people and situations. When she walks down those graduation aisles, we will celebrate her achievements, her struggles and her greatest gift of all, her heart. So astute. That’s what floors me. She is sooooooo smart.

The Right Stuff: And no one knows more about dogs! With that heart and that canine second sense, she’s got all the right stuff. What a package.

©Jill Edelman, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. 2011

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