Monthly Archives: May 2011

Closing In On Aging Out: 5-21-11

Funding Approval: Yesterday we received word that our daughter’s future apartment mate received DDS approval to fund her part of their shared staffing requirements. This was the final patch needed for that section of the crazy quilt of future planning. Finalizing The Goodbyes: Monday we have the final PPT with our school district. Participating in… Read the Rest Of This Article

Special Needs and The White House: 5-20-11

David and Susan Axelrod: Even the White House knows special needs. While away for six days with my husband, I watched Piers Morgan on CNN interview David Axelrod, President Obama’s former senior advisor and primary campaign strategist. David and his wife Susan Landau are parents of a “special needs” daughter, now in her late twenties,… Read the Rest Of This Article

Taking A Break: 5-12-11

Coming Down To The Wire: Today I am off to my daughter’s school. Four hours up, four hours down. She is having a bit of  a rough patch and no wonder: this is the end of the year pressure that many students feel, special needs and typical, and on top of that, she is saying… Read the Rest Of This Article

Where Were The Parents? 5-11-11

Where Were The Parents?  While writing yesterday’s post I imagined readers thinking, “But where were the parents when their daughters’ were violated?” Those of us who raise children with disabilities know that providing 24/7 supervision is an enormous challenge. When our daughter went off to a boarding school at age 16, this pressure was lifted… Read the Rest Of This Article

Sex Education and Special Needs: 5-10-11

Informed Is Empowered: Today I was privileged to attend the 2011 Champions Of Choice annual luncheon, sponsored by the National Institute For Reproductive Health and NARAL Pro-Choice of New York. Amongst an impressive roster of speakers, including Gloria Steinem, founder of Ms. Magazine and Kirsten E. Gillibrand, U.S. Senator for New York, was Dr. Laura… Read the Rest Of This Article

Cousins Fill The Friendship Gap: 5-9-11

Dedicated To Rosa: Yesterday was Mother’s Day and on Facebook our niece posted a Happy Mother’s Day to me. On the heels of  yesterday’s piece regarding the absence of real friends for many special needs children, I remembered with gratitude how much our daughter’s cousin filled in the gaps for many years. Cousins Rock: When… Read the Rest Of This Article

Romance and Special Needs: 5-8-11

What To Expect: There is something powerfully profound about the romantic connections of special needs teens and young adults. While in the public school system our daughter had her crushes but no real chances to experience the fun of mutual flirtation. At the age of sixteen all this changed when she became a student at… Read the Rest Of This Article

Dating? 5-7-11

Facebook Friends: A tremendous resource for special needs young adults is Facebook. Often the circle for these young people is limited by their cognitive difference, their inability to travel on their own and a host of other challenges. Communicating with former schoolmates and family friends, siblings’ buddies, cousins, and friends of friends, is easy and… Read the Rest Of This Article

Agency Transition Meeting: 5-6-11

Ability Beyond Disability:  Our service agency, aka ABD and formerly known as Datahr Rehabilitation Institute, headquartered in Bethel, Connecticut, held something along the lines of a warm and welcoming cabinet meeting. The heads of the various units met, not in the oval office, but a conference room with a great big table.  I sat at… Read the Rest Of This Article

Protecting The Siblings of Special Needs: 5-5-11

The Others: I don’t know the statistics, but I would bet that most of us special needs parents have other children. I have spent a great deal of time amongst these other children, my other child, and the children of  families with whom we have shared Special Olympics or horse back riding programs, special needs… Read the Rest Of This Article