Monthly Archives: May 2011

Training For Mother’s Day: 5-4-11

Mother’s Day and Special Needs: Our daughter is upset that she will not be spending Mother’s Day with me. She can if she really wants to do that. I can drive up to her school in four hours. That is not the problem. Ambivalence: What seems to be at work here is the issue of… Read the Rest Of This Article

“Grad or Age-Out” and The Importance Of The Case Manager: 5-3-11

Hoping for Clarification: In the last several weeks I have had a number of conversations with moms with adult special needs children regarding what qualifies some for a residential priority placement and others not, once they reach the age when their school districts are no longer responsible for them. Keeping in mind that every state… Read the Rest Of This Article

Do You Have To Be Educated To Raise A Special Needs Child? 5-2-11

Excuse Me? A recurrent question thrown out over the years of raising our daughter has been, “what do people do who are not educated like you two, and have to raise a child with disabilities?” I find that question as off-putting as the equally frequent observation that “Your daughter is so lucky to have parents… Read the Rest Of This Article

In Transit: 5-1-11

Contact in Motion: Everyday for the last three weeks our daughter calls me. This is new. She has had a cell phone for probably four years but never has she called me with anything remotely resembling this frequency of contact. Probably ninety percent of the calls are made while in transit. She is on the… Read the Rest Of This Article