Monthly Archives: June 2011

Finally A Walk and A Talk And Health Concerns: 6/30/11

The Beauty of Tarywile: With almost two weeks on her home turf, our daughter has been to appointments, visited her future apartment and apartment-mate to be, attended family functions and a local adult special needs art class but until last evening, she had not done a stitch of exercise. “I’m too tired.” Somehow, with the intoxication… Read the Rest Of This Article

The Strangeness Of Proximity: 6-29-11

Dad Visits The Apartment: Last night, for the first time, our daughter’s dad visited her soon to be new home. We set the trip mileage to zero and drove to the next town. Nine miles, eighteen minutes without traffic, between home and future abode. The tour went well and our daughter was proud to show… Read the Rest Of This Article

One A.M. Bedtime and Visiting Gaudi: 6-28-11

Late Nights, Long Phone Calls: Two weeks into our daughter’s vacation, two weeks short of the onset of programming, and the regression begins. This translates into 1:00 A.M. plus bedtime, hours on her cell with a young man northeast of here (this social contact is the good news), and resistance to “taking a walk” for… Read the Rest Of This Article

Special Needs Sense of Humor, Without Judgement: 6-27-11

What Do “La Cage Aux Folles,” “Priscilla, Queen of The Desert,” “Hair” and “Monty Python” All Have In Common? On the first Monday after New York State legalized same-sex marriage, indeed a time to celebrate difference, it occurred to me that our daughter and many of her special needs friends have the ability to laugh… Read the Rest Of This Article

A Flip of a Coin and The Illusion of Permanence: 6-26-11

So Far So Easy: The new apartment has one large bedroom, clearly the master, with two fairly spacious closets. The other bedroom is a good size with a small closet. This could be a real challenge for two young ladies to come to terms with, but not our gals. At least not initially. A coin… Read the Rest Of This Article

Buying Underwear At The Mall: 6-25-11

My Heart Swelled: Yesterday was a pretty femme day, haircuts and two trips to Victoria’s Secret at the mall, the first at our daughter’s request to purchase undies with some graduation money. The second to buy a gift for a cousin, another Victoria fan. As we entered Victoria’s chambers, a patient rang me on the cell,… Read the Rest Of This Article

Knowing My Limitations: 6-24-11

Spray ‘n Wash: I am chuckling now because I never knew how to spell Spray ‘n Wash until this post. I was prompted to check the spelling after I saw my daughter take the green bottle from the laundry room to the bathroom to spray her sweatshirt. Watching her spray the areas where paint from the… Read the Rest Of This Article

Who Will Teach Her Now? 6-23-11

What Will Happen With Money, Time and Measurement Issues? At our meeting two days ago with the service agency, Ability Beyond Disability, I brought out one of those refrigerator-size white 3-ring binders labeled “Career Portfolio” that Riverview/Grow and our daughter have assembled over two years. The contents include her vocational evaluations from Project Forward where… Read the Rest Of This Article

Parents Search For The Best Package: 6-22-11

One Size Does Not Fit All: Our family’s journey to find a suitable adult life for our daughter involved very specific steps from identifying need at an early age with the Department of Developmental Services, fulfilling eligibility requirements for SSI and Medicaid at eighteen, guardianship, and getting our DDS case manager actively involved in finding… Read the Rest Of This Article

Tighten The Purse Strings and A New Peer Group: 6-21-11

A Glimpse At The Future: The Ability Beyond Disability team members responsible for staffing and planning the individualized day program visited our home this morning. A portion of the time was spent interviewing our daughter on her interests, social and vocational strengths and weaknesses and signing forms. We were also provided with an overview of her week… Read the Rest Of This Article