Proving Need, Is It Over Yet? 6-2-11

A New Thought:  While tossing and turning over thoughts in the middle of the night, (something to do when you can’t sleep, the dog woke you up, the room is too hot, or you are a partial insomniac, which I am), a startling realization flashed through my brain, zephyr-like and fleeting. I had to catch it fast, for recall this morning. I am not sure that it is true but here it is: Does this new chapter mean we no longer have to prove need?

Towers of Testimony: A friend of mine captured the challenge. Running into each other at the local chain pharmacy she whispered, with her characteristic wicked twinkle in the eye, ” I am taking Peter (pseudonym) tomorrow to Social Security to be tested to find out if he is Down Syndrome.” Ha Ha. You have to be in the business to get what she means. After twenty-eight years, she still has to prove to the world that her son qualifies for services. You’ve got to be kidding. Nope.

Magical Thinking?  Was that late night flash of freedom magical thinking or real? Will we no longer have to assemble experts and put our daughter through hours of testing and questioning to confirm need? Yes and no.

Guardianship and SSI: In fact, guardianship in Connecticut has to be renewed every three years, and I believe proof of need for Medicaid, SSI requires an annual update. All of which means that it was an illusion or a delusion, depending on whether I believe it or not, that nocturnal flash. I have to check my facts, but in spite of the requirement to re-up, in a sense, I do believe the worst is over.

Stayed Tuned. More information forthcoming.

©Jill Edelman, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. 2011

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