On The Brink Of An Apartment: 6-8-11

Victorian: The other mother went over to check out this apartment I saw on Monday in a Victorian house within walking distance of Main Street. This might work. Spacious rooms, bathed in sunlight, expansive porch and the police station around the corner. It is an authentic Victorian which means a bit old fashion and a weird laundry room in a creepy basement. We shall see if they accept our offer. Ability Beyond Disability is expert in negotiating rental situations with the persuasive argument that, in fact, the state is the renter and therefore guaranteed.

Eek! One of  my beloved sisters-in-law called to ask what to get the graduate to be. We are what, five days away from officially “aging out” of the school district, and into adulthood? This Friday, about fifteen family members (and more coming Saturday) will gather on the Cape to begin the festivities marking the cumulation of 18 years of our daughter’s special education academic and vocational training. Sister-in-law suggested a blender.  She knows her niece; smoothies, and whipped cream for the those brownie sundaes. Feels like a bridal shower.

Missing The Gala: Riverview School has the most amazing gala, the Friday night of graduation weekend. It is an awesome gathering of families of special needs children under a gorgeous tent to hear the Head of School and others speak of the mission that has wrought miracles for our children. We will miss the gala this year because we will be with our extended family who have traveled from as far as the west coast for our daughter. It makes me sad to think that this is a farewell of sorts to an institution that has done so much for our family. I am committed to being a part of the parents alumni group and leave a piece of my parental heart with Riverview.

Friday: Early Friday morning we will pack up the car with luggage and a painting by my husband of Sandwich Harbor, oil on canvas and beautiful, for the Gala’s silent auction. I am tearful as I write this. Leaving Riverview is just plain sad for all of us. This four-hour drive up Friday, and four-hour drive back Sunday with daughter in tow, is the last round-trip scheduled to the campus of Riverview School. But surely not the last visit. I am thinking, hey, next year, we are free to attend the Gala as alumni parents and daughter. Why not. After all, keeping ties to precious friends is the secret of a happy life.

©Jill Edelman, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. 2011

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