Keys To The Future: 6-16-11

We Passed: DDS inspected and approved the apartment yesterday. The girls have the go ahead to move in and a set of  keys. Ability Beyond Disability expects us tomorrow to complete paper work. The phase of  “Adult Independent Living” is officially launched!

Funding and Outfitting Questions: In a brief conversation with our service provider, I was able to ascertain that outfitting the apartment rests in the laps of the parents. Who funds what and what risks loss of funding is a complicated conversation, begun months ago, continued yesterday and hopefully will be finalized with some clarity tomorrow.

Joy: In the meantime, we are joyful. This is an adorable place in a great location near Main Street Ridgefield and both girls are thrilled. A giant patch of that crazy quilt of a future has been completed. Hurrah!

©Jill Edelman, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.  2011

2 Responses to “Keys To The Future: 6-16-11”

  1. emily

    WOO HOO!!!!
    congratulations!!!!! it must be such a relief to have that part taken care of… we’re not there yet, but hopefully will be soon…


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