Monthly Archives: June 2011

Sounds Similar, But Don’t Be Fooled: 6-20-11

The Glories of Home: In the last week, since our daughter arrived home, the laundry load has tripled, as she believes that once worn, wash needed. By the way, she can do her own laundry but who has time to stand by her at the washer and dryer when we are running helter-skelter setting up… Read the Rest Of This Article

She Rocked The House and Stole The Show: 6-19-11

Happy Father’s Day: We are all happy today. Much has come together for our daughter in the last week. At her father’s birthday party, many friends celebrated the finalizing of the apartment in Ridgefield. Several either live near by her future cozy home, or work nearby. Throughout the gentle summer evening, bits and pieces of… Read the Rest Of This Article

Charles Dickens Pays A Call: 6-18-11

A Rich Disparity: Special Needs people are not of one ilk, as those who move in that world know. There is a wide-ranging diversity. Yesterday, driving our daughter for a follow up doctor’s visit for a quick check of TB shot spot (required by the service agency), I put on the 3rd CD from Charles… Read the Rest Of This Article

Giving Away The Bride: 6-17-11

Bittersweet: In conversation yesterday with our service coordinator regarding funding, we reviewed what monies would jeopardize our daughter’s qualifications for the government programs she is now receiving. A burial plan was mentioned, which she doesn’t have, but the words went through my veins like ice water. Wow, haven’t gone there before. The mere mention of… Read the Rest Of This Article

Keys To The Future: 6-16-11

We Passed: DDS inspected and approved the apartment yesterday. The girls have the go ahead to move in and a set of  keys. Ability Beyond Disability expects us tomorrow to complete paper work. The phase of  “Adult Independent Living” is officially launched! Funding and Outfitting Questions: In a brief conversation with our service provider, I… Read the Rest Of This Article

The Little Cottage: 6-15-11

Real Estate Suspense:  I suppose real estate transactions are more similar than different, special needs or otherwise; competing with another offer, seemingly winning the prize, but there is that inspection. Today at noon we meet with DDS at the apartment. All seems in order or easily resolved. Lease was signed. For fifteen days, until the… Read the Rest Of This Article

OMG We Got The Apartment, I Think: 6-14-11

Busy First Day Of Adult Phase 1: Our daughter had her lunch meeting with future apartment mate and six ABD team members yesterday at the Olive Garden. The other mother was working so when I showed up with our daughter, the team asked me if I wanted to stay (I didn’t) but I bowed to our… Read the Rest Of This Article

The Blossom Award: 6-13-11

All Graduated And Ready For Adulthood, Phase 1: A soggy but sentimental and satisfying Riverview graduation weekend is over. Our little graduate, Grow class of 2011, was awarded the Blossom award for …blossoming this year, into a pretty powerful, ever curious and learning young adult female. A conglomerate of 19 family members, from both sides… Read the Rest Of This Article

Off To Graduation Weekend: 6-10-11

Suspense: The other mother and I put in our bid for the modern apartment. Alas, someone else made an offer as well. The owner has to decide which offer to take. We won’t find out until later today. I will be on the road by then, and hope to reach our daughter’s school campus by… Read the Rest Of This Article

The Apartment Challenge Continues: 6-9-11

Does It Take A Village To Find An Apartment?  What was viewed as a no-brainer a couple of months ago, finding a two-bedroom apartment in the desired complex, is now a daunting task. We have spread our search to other apartment complexes and buildings. The other mother and I, our realtor and the service manager… Read the Rest Of This Article