Monthly Archives: June 2011

On The Brink Of An Apartment: 6-8-11

Victorian: The other mother went over to check out this apartment I saw on Monday in a Victorian house within walking distance of Main Street. This might work. Spacious rooms, bathed in sunlight, expansive porch and the police station around the corner. It is an authentic Victorian which means a bit old fashion and a… Read the Rest Of This Article

The “R” Word: 6-7-11

Slurs: I grew up in a world that was well acquainted with religious slurs, but not the “r” word. Perhaps because in the 1950’s and early 60’s, the world focused on communist threats and racial and religious inequities, leaving the problems of the intellectually challenged for the most part, out of the news. My early childhood… Read the Rest Of This Article

Fast And Future Friends: 6-6-11

The Young Ladies Are Busy Tightening the Bond: In one week our daughter will be home, having completed her formal education. Apartment-mates to be, and without anyone’s suggestion, the two young ladies began gearing up for their future together. Age appropriately, they are connecting on Facebook, chatting about boys, and making plans for an outing the… Read the Rest Of This Article

Home For Ever: 6-3-11

“Hey Jill its __I am now home for ever:”   This was the message on my Facebook Wall from our daughter’s future apartment mate yesterday. After eight years away at her boarding school, she has returned to resume/begin her new life in her hometown. The joy inherent in those few words is palpable. In a week… Read the Rest Of This Article

Proving Need, Is It Over Yet? 6-2-11

A New Thought:  While tossing and turning over thoughts in the middle of the night, (something to do when you can’t sleep, the dog woke you up, the room is too hot, or you are a partial insomniac, which I am), a startling realization flashed through my brain, zephyr-like and fleeting. I had to catch… Read the Rest Of This Article

Momentum Building, It Must Be June: 6-1-11

June Is Busting Out All Over:  Looks like the word is out. I am not sitting on my hands nor is anyone else. The Services Manager at ABD (Ability Beyond Disability) called to let me know she is hard at work. A lady after my own heart, she informed me that she likes to get… Read the Rest Of This Article