Successful Launch: 8-2-11

Celebrating With Balloons and An Earache: Truly all went smoothly yesterday. Aside from an earache, probably swimmers ear (she is being taken to her doctor today by staff, amazing), the move-in was a triumph of coordination and readiness. Seven ABD staff members were present, setting up, cleaning or just greeting our daughter and her apartment-mate when they returned from Day Service Options (DSO). Girls were smiling, and staff scurried about making sure all items needed were present.

Brother, Friends and The Red Couch: Everyone loved the red couch. Her brother and his friend Erin barely moved off of it. Pictures were taken and aside from my lingering concerns about her ear (the nurse came after I left minus an otoscope, which annoyed me…but she was checked at the DSO this a.m. and doctor’s appointment set for 1:30 today), I was thrilled.

The Overburdened Bedroom: I kept the cell phone on all night; no one called. This morning I checked in with our daughter, who said she had a bit of trouble falling asleep but slept well. My chores remain. Her bedroom here is stocked full of unnecessary items. I have already filled two bags for Goodwill and it is only 10: 30 a.m. Off to work and then I will stop in at the girls’ place to drop off her “I Am A Cure” t-shirt to match the PJ bottoms before I work again this evening.

Two Hundred And One Stuffed Animals: About twenty Dog Fancy magazines will be passed on to someone at my husband’s work, and then, what to do about the approximately 201 stuffed animals, most of them dogs with fifty at least residing in her bedroom and the rest stored above the kitchen? She took one to her apartment but I am sure I will be getting orders for specific additions, with specifications such as “the big yellow lab” or the small poodle from Aunt Susan. When she comes home next, I must squeeze some decisions out of her regarding the plentiful pooches. Productivity! That’s my motto. As her bedroom here empties out a bit, the bedroom there will probably swell.

Around Midnight: All good! Can’t believe we made it. Can’t believe it. Around midnight last night I sent an email, typed in purple to match the girls’ color preference, to the Ability Beyond Disability coordinators and our DDS case manager heralding them for their accomplishment. Awesome is the word that best describes what they have achieved for us.

Dream Come True: They made my dream come true. They fought so hard for us to get the funding, the rent subsidy, the staffing, and supported our location and housing choice. A year ago today I would never have believed that all would come together so beautifully. The apartment-mates match and the moms work well together. A year ago today, we were all still strangers!

The Powers That Be: I believe in nature, good people and hard work. And much else that is beyond my reach to understand. All the forces pulled this together for us and I am grateful.

©Jill Edelman, M.S.W, L.C.S.W. 2011

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