Pregnant, Tired Or Fired? Nope Just Gone: 8-12-11

Irony, Life’s Theme Song: I just reread the last paragraph in my 8-8-11 post. The paragraph started with the topic: “I Love This Coach” and ended with a silent prayer. I think you get my drift already. Yes, the coach is gone, poof, as of yesterday. No kidding. Neither pregnant, tired nor fired, she just left. Family issues. I marvel at the blatant jest at us mere mortals, from the powers that be. “I Love This Coach”, the very words could have been the kiss of death or just the kick of irony. No big deal. Not really. Just life as usual, droll, witty and worrisome.

Robbing The Bank: I am happy to report that the ABD vocational coordinator responded to my request that our daughter’s job resume, bio and job descriptions be delivered ASAP in time for her interview yesterday at the senior residence. They did it all and apparently her interview went well. She begins her volunteer job next Thursday as a “companion” to one of their residents. When I did chat with my daughter last evening about her interview and potential job she seemed happy about it but cautioned, “First they have to do a background check on me.” Giggle. “They want to make sure I didn’t rob a bank.” We roared together. Boy, would l like to be a fly on the wall of that first visit. I hope the elder has a sense of humor and a hearing aid, though our daughter’s voice isn’t troubled by dulcet tones.

The Staffing Deal and Daughter: Some of you may wonder how the loss of the job coach will effect our daughter. I didn’t mention it on the phone last night, leaving it to staff to tell her. But my hunch is she will be sorry but fine. Five years at boarding school has prepared her for constant staff changes. Residential staff, unlike teaching staff, frequently leave, with known substitutes coming in (as in this case) until a replacement is hired. It is more a question of who will be the replacement. This young lady who left was a great advocate, as I mentioned many times, and attuned to the girls’ needs. ABD so far has done an excellent job hiring staff for this project. So fingers crossed, the new vocational life skills employee (as they are called) will be great too. I will be watching closely. Naturally.

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