A Trot And A Halt: 8-13-11

Pegasus Summer: ¬†Sadly, our daughter’s summer riding program ended this morning. She trotted, halted and went on a trail ride displaying balance, focus and progress beyond my expectations. Much is due to her awesome instructor, Liz Fortis. Though on the waiting list for Pegasus’ Fall program, our daughter will definitely attend the winter “unmounted” program where she will learn not just grooming and stall care but how to check the health of the animal as well. Right up her alley.

Mom’s Headache: The apartment-mates left the Equestrian Center with their residential staff person headed for a local church Nutmeg Festival. They are a jolly pair and though they both said how sad they are that the vocational coordinator has left (“She was really funny.”), they had no complaints beyond a rip in our daughter’s new duvet cover. Oops. We will catch up tomorrow when cousins come to see her new home. Until then, I plan to take a bit of a rest. A big bad headache swooped down on mom in the midst of photographing our equestrian while she and horse Melos pranced about the arena, a handsome pair indeed.

Signing Off For Today.

©Jill Edelman, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. 2011

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