One Mother Wanted To Schmooze: 9-2-11

The Check In: Thirty minutes after I published yesterday’s post, our daughter called; “Hi.” “Hi Sweetie, how are you?” “Good.” “How was your day?” “Good.” “What did you do?” “Well…” And she went on to describe a trip to the recreation center, time on the treadmill, a visit to Puppy Love, a local pet store, whereupon she supplied ample details regarding dog types. A filler day due to the wanting of a volunteer job and staffing. She mentioned that her brother and a friend dropped over (so sweet) and I asked how yoga class went the previous evening, “Good” and we signed off. Typical exchange which reminds me that often she calls simply to share, which is one of the highest forms of loving that human interaction can take.

Costly Irene and Please Don’t Shower Here: No power and soon no funds. Mucho dinero has been spent dining out and losing business. Showering and firing up cells and iPads at friends’ homes is free but bailing out an entire fridge and freezer feels much like shredding dollar bills into heavy-duty garbage bags, a terrible waste. Yet any loss that isn’t human or animal is minor. While schmoozing with our daughter I mentioned that the old folks at home remained without water, but she seemed unimpressed and unconcerned. When I joked that I might drop by to shower, silence. Boundaries, Mom. Good. I was just kidding. She lives too far away.

The Complete Cat: Today she returns to the clinic to help care for kitties. I noticed a slight increased interest in our Maine Coon cat Jack since the onset of her weekly volunteer job at the clinic. Primarily a doggie girl, this bit of expanding interest bodes well for her future work at animal shelters. She may have just one more visit remaining there without an immediate replacement, which leaves her with zero volunteer jobs. Her ABD team and DDS case manager are meeting with us next week to review the first thirty days of their CRS (Continuous Residential Support) and set goals for the next period of time. Certainly the vocational piece will be a central focus for me. Meanwhile our daughter is interested in finding out what courses the local college, Western Connecticut State University, offers that are geared for learning disabled/special needs students. I will be calling the director today. I believe that the school does have power, located in an adjacent town yet electrically light years away.

The Dog: Three days post skunking I placed our pooch in the back of the car and hauled her to the vet for shampooing and de-clumping of her matted mane. Poor poocher, we released her from basement banishment last night to the upper echelons of household habitation, scented candles oozing scents that challenged the persistent aroma of the remains of that awful starry, stenchful night.

Taking The Weekend Off: I am taking the Labor Day weekend off and will be posting some of my more popular posts while on break. Enjoy your Labor Day festivities.

© Jill Edelman, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. 2011

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