ROAR Follows Up: 9-14-11

Off To The CRS: My daughter has her residential support day today. One of her activities is banking, which at first I heard as baking. She also has a team staff meeting where the young ladies meet with the behaviorist assigned to the CRS (Continuous Residential Supports), the nurse and other staff. I believe they use that time to explore how the residential piece is progressing, relationship issues, chores and behavioral concerns culminating in the selection of strategies for the residents and staff to utilize going forward. I will be heading over there shortly to take care of some paperwork and measure for a coffee table.

ROAR: The great news today is that the lovely lady whose heart was stolen by our daughter one hot day in July, and is on the board of ROAR, has been reached by the ABD vocational director and paperwork is in process, at last, for the volunteer job application. Apparently her heart remains in a warm state towards our gal and all signs point to a positive outcome. Hopefully the shelter won’t need to do a lengthy background check the way the senior residential placement does. That placement remains incomplete; the delay is related to the absence of an ABD staff person who will need vetting too. Do shelters “vet” volunteers? (Pun intended.)

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