A Litter of Kitties and Buck: 9-16-11

Mocha: Today our daughter has her Complete Cat volunteer job. I spoke with Dr. Eisen, the vet, who informed me that her cat Mocha had a litter Thursday and our daughter will be able to interact with one-day-old kittens when she shows up for her work this morning. The clinic has embraced our daughter, offering training on the care of basic cat needs, socialization, some grooming, attending operations and helping with cleaning. They are a small operation so providing space and time for her is a kindness I will not forget and speaks to how friendships can open doors to special needs volunteer opportunities.

Buck: The evening’s entertainment for the ladies is to view a documentary based on the life and work of Buck Brannagan, the inspiration for the book and movie The Horse Whisperer. The movie, directed by a neighbor, Cindy Meehl, has touched many deeply. I am curious to see how our daughter will respond to this tale of childhood abuse leading to an adult professional life based on an acute sensitivity and rapport with horses. I have many friends who share with me their uncanny connection with horses, starting at a young age, and often based on an identification with the horse’s fear and vulnerability that they felt in own their childhood world.

Pegasus begins its Fall class tomorrow, a new group of fellow riders for our daughter to meet and hopefully some new friendships in the making. Then, as promised, we are off to shop for winter boots and long sleeve shirts. Prowling through the local mall in pursuit of the perfect pair with a stop for refueling at the food court. Better rest up tonight, Mom. History has shown that our daughter has energizer bunny attributes when malling. Mom, well that’s another story.

©Jill Edelman, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

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