A Shared Grief and A Puncture: 9-23-11

Riverview: What a profound place, this special education school that embraces its students and their families with arms of acceptance and devotion, class and humor. The memorial service for this precious young man, who perished because his seizure disorder interrupted an innocent dive into a lake he has probably spent years paddling about in, wrapped up his twenty plus years with rich descriptions and dedications to his┬ádetermination and readiness to jump on board life’s many offerings. His family stood tall, his friends, dorm staff and teachers made speeches that revealed how well they knew this young Canadian. Unforgettable. My respect for this school and this family has no measure…it is just boundless.

Our Daughter Did A Good Thing: And she knew it. “I’m…

(Webmaster’s Note: Sorry for the interruption. Jill’s post, and the ride home from the Cape, was interrupted by a perfect storm: a flat tire, a dying iPad battery, bad weather, low cell phone battery… you know what, let’s just wait until Jill can tell you all about it tomorrow. Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion.)

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