Monthly Archives: September 2011

Oh What A Night! 9-20-11

Colbie in Concert: Our night out on the town was splendid. Colbie Caillat is a teenage girl’s dream, soft, sexy, and descriptive on stage of thwarted love, regrets of affection withheld, vows to reveal more passion and take no guff (well that particular song was really about her girlfriend). With a slim body sporting denims… Read the Rest Of This Article

DSS Messes and A Scary Future: 9-19-11

DSS: The Connecticut Department of Social Services, which handles the entitlements of Medicaid and food stamps, has decided to mess with my head in the last week or two. I can imagine how this must feel for folks who are more handicapped, cannot get to the DSS offices, or have few family members to deal… Read the Rest Of This Article

An Oblong Moon and Courage: 9-18-11

A Revelation of Relief: Driving home from Ridgefield after dropping our daughter off following the movie “The Help” I saw this oblong moon in the sky. It was formed by an unusual arrangement of clouds framing its intense orb. Folks clearly had their first Fall fires burning in fireplaces and the car registered 50 degrees… Read the Rest Of This Article

A Date With A Lady: 9-17-11

Bouncing and Beaming:  This morning I met our daughter at the Pegasus Equestrian Center in Brewster, New York for the first class of her Fall program. The only female amongst five members, the group were of similar ages, one young man already living in a group home in Norwalk, Connecticut, managed by the service agency Star…. Read the Rest Of This Article

A Litter of Kitties and Buck: 9-16-11

Mocha: Today our daughter has her Complete Cat volunteer job. I spoke with Dr. Eisen, the vet, who informed me that her cat Mocha had a litter Thursday and our daughter will be able to interact with one-day-old kittens when she shows up for her work this morning. The clinic has embraced our daughter, offering… Read the Rest Of This Article

Purposeful Blogging, Pass It Along: 9-15-11

Get Started Now: Our daughter has been participating in the Ability Beyond Disability adult program for 2 plus months with the residential piece in place for the last 6 weeks. As I track this transition to independent living with supports, I am mindful that readers who have more recently joined this narrative may not benefit… Read the Rest Of This Article

ROAR Follows Up: 9-14-11

Off To The CRS: My daughter has her residential support day today. One of her activities is banking, which at first I heard as baking. She also has a team staff meeting where the young ladies meet with the behaviorist assigned to the CRS (Continuous Residential Supports), the nurse and other staff. I believe they… Read the Rest Of This Article

Looking Ahead And Behind: 9-13-11

Full Schedule: Our daughter’s Fall schedule is rich in variety. She has a concert date to see Cobie Caillot, her current favorite, a trip to her alma mater for the memorial service of her school friend, the resumption of her riding class, Pegasus, this Saturday, hopefully new volunteer options including ROAR the animal shelter in… Read the Rest Of This Article

Sibling “Sonshine”: 9-12-11

The Other Children: Two weeks prior to my fortieth birthday, we had our first child, a son. He was and is the love of my life. I could have stopped there but being one of three children, my husband one of five, I pondered the wisdom of a second go around. I began to gather… Read the Rest Of This Article

How Smart Is Humor: 9-10-11

A Necessary Balance: I had to cancel our UGGS (boots) shopping yesterday. Rescheduled for next Saturday due to a previous commitment to my husband to head down to Cape May Point, New Jersey if the weather were good. And so it was. Our daughter handled the delay well but I didn’t. I felt that I… Read the Rest Of This Article