Double Negatives and No Plans: 10-11-11

Today’s News: I checked in with our daughter after her DSO (Day Services Option) today to find out how she is feeling. “I’m better.” She had a rough time for a couple of days due to probably just a bouncy ride in the back seat of the staff’s car on windy roads just after eating a brown bag lunch. Yuk. But by last night, she was fine and continues to be so today. Good. Particularly since her apartment-mate is having a birthday celebration tomorrow at the newly unveiled Cheesecake Factory at the local mall. For our daughter to miss that would be devastating for both ladies, that is how close they are…and of course, the cheesecake. Yum.

Giggles and Double Negatives: In the background whilst talking to our gal, I could hear her apartment-mate giggling and cracking jokes with her. They have an unbelievable rapport. I hope it lasts. When I inquired as to their evening plans our daughter answered in one of her double negative sentences, something like “I don’t think we are not doing anything tonight. I don’t think we are not.” Now my beloved father-in-law had an interesting way of bashing the heck out of grammar but I don’t think (or is it I do not think?) he didn’t sound like this. Nope, I don’t think so. But it has occurred to me that perhaps there are some genetics here.

Ashton Kutcher: We reviewed the new Two and A Half Men series, commiserating on the absence of Charlie Sheen, his electric jolt missing in the show, big time. Ashton just ain’t cutting it, not yet anyway. And then Ms. People magazine informed me that Ashton and Demi split, as Mr. K. is walking on the cheating side of life. One wonders if this is true or a desperate promotional spin to increase ratings for the new Charlie who isn’t Charlie but already is acting like Charlie. One wonders.

Love To Gossip With My Girl: As if People weren’t enough to fuel her gossip goals, our dear cousin Amy has bought our daughter a subscription to US magazine. Apparently US tells the true story. Super. Running to the mailbox has been a lifelong passion, so to receive another juicy periodical per week will bring joy to our gal’s precious nosey little heart. Can’t wait to share.

©Jill Edelman, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. 2011

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