What, No Cheesecake? 10-13-11

Restaurant Review: Our daughter went out last night with her apartment-mate and family to celebrate the young lady’s birthday, destination Cheesecake Factory. As food is a primary passion for our daughter, I was eager to get the inside track on the meal, especially the cheesecake. I checked in on the young ladies as they were being driven to a dentist’s appointment, and learned that the restaurant was really good. “What did you have?” “I had a tomato basil flatbread sandwich.” “Cool, what about dessert.” “Birthday cake.” This was intriguing. “Really, a cheesecake birthday cake? ” “Nope, her mom made her a confetti cake, we went back to her house for it.”

Is it me or am I missing something? It must be me. You go to The Cheesecake Factory but you don’t have cheesecake?

More Reviews To Come: Stay tuned for more restaurant, movie and theater reviews from our gal. She always has an opinion, an interesting perspective and full disclosure.

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