No Answer, Not Much: 10-20-11

No Answer: I am not sure what activities were scheduled for our daughter’s vocational day today as neither she nor any of her staff have answered my calls. By next week I am hopeful that both placements, ROAR and Ridgefield Crossings¬†will be in place. I know that her ROAR training is scheduled for this Sunday.

Tonight: Instead of attending their Thursday evening SPHERE rehearsal, both young ladies have chosen a fundraising event called Hoops For Hope, at Danbury High School, to raise money and awareness for the employment of folks with disabilities. Two teams, Connecticut Spokebenders, a professional wheelchair basketball team, and High School students, board members from Ability Beyond Disability, local celebrities, and others will play ball. I may show up and pay $5 a ticket to see how the gals like the event. I know it will be a hoot watching our daughter watch them. Staff invited the parents. I am not working tonight, but on the other hand, isn’t the Big Bang Theory on at 8 P.M? Decisions, Decisions.

Not Much: Through the years, when I call our daughter to ask what’s doing, her frequent response has been “not much.” I get a kick out of her voice, the bounce of the words on her tongue, and the fact that I can hear the sound of a video playing on her laptop or the click click of her keyboard keys in the background. Not much can mean busy with social networking (Facebook chat perhaps,) a great movie, or some online research, in other words, preoccupied. For me, today’s “not much” means I haven’t reached the girl so I have “not much” to post. But always more to follow. Stay tuned.

©Jill Edelman, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. 2011

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