Tender Care: 10-22-11

TLC: Last evening hubby and I stopped by our daughter’s apartment after work to deliver her Vogue Magazine, The Quarterboard, Riverview School’s newsletter which included a photo of our daughter, and her Mucinex D. The young lady was watching the movie Julie and Julia, seated on her red couch in her pink Susan G. Komen sweat shirt – a gift from her cousin Dori’s Bat Mitzvah (a way to give back while celebrating) – looking comfy-cozy, the apartment-mate out dining at her folks. Our daughter is irresistible, so you just want to hug her to pieces. And she let me, several times, which was unusual. Her staff, Jane, who is motherly and had already homemade her some chicken soup, sat close by. Needless to say, I felt assured that she was receiving tender loving care. Though she had to forsake horseback riding and the pumpkin carving party later today, both at Pegasus, the possibility of her attending her ROAR training tomorrow remains good.

Other Matters: Today I will return to eye those eyes again. So far no indication of the dreaded sinus infection. I plan to pick up a few more supplies including saline spray and cran-grape juice, with the admonition to dilute with water, as all concentrates have way too much sugar. I attended a three-hour seminar this week on the in’s and out’s of healthy eating and will forward mucho information to the ABD staff regarding some easy choices that can make a world of difference, such as the aforementioned “cut the concentrate.” The girls are on a healthy eating program and weighed each week but I don’t have the data as to results beyond the initial five pounds shed the first month and a half. Her physician’s recommendation was to lose ten pounds. I don’t want to be too pokey nosey yet I can see that as the passage to adult living unfolds, no one will monitor like momma.

The Mother Facts: If that sounds self-important, or self-inflating, sorry. Not my choice. “All we want are the facts, ma’am” and here they are. The Mother Facts. Pretty interesting since I never thought of myself as particularly important until I became a mom. The ever-present reminder of the “good news/bad news” aspect of life.

©Jill Edelman, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. 2011

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