Power-Less Sorceress: 10-31-11

Happy Halloween: There are 800,000 households out of power in the State of Connecticut. Our daughter’s CRS is amongst them as well as her folks’ abode. Her bro is blessed to live in his “rabbit hole” in NYC, stocked full of power and all the carrots he can eat. The second power outage since the ladies moved to their apartment in Ridgefield. Irene soaked and joked us. Now a Halloween Christmas prank has broken our trees as if they were pick up sticks with orange ruffles wrapped in black power cables (it is Halloween after all) dangling into and over roadways themselves strewn with autumn leaves, bark, branches and the occasional fence post.

The Good News: The ladies managed well for the first couple of nights while ABD searched frantically for a motel. No slots within an hours’ drive. But tonight they will board at the La Quinta something in Danbury. Super. And they were able to attend the Halloween costume party today at their DSO, which does have power

The Sorceress: Our daughter chose her black velvet sorceress costume over the Scarlet O’Hara number, both part of the extensive wardrobe garnered over five years of Riverview Halloween dances. The little sorceress, despite a genuine sinus infection, soon to be diagnosed by a real doctor, is managing well. She dearly misses a hot shower, Internet and TV but has her apartment buddy and the mall was open yesterday.

Her staff are awesome.

Vocational Update: On that front, no word yet from ROAR on the ringworm situation, though their bigger issue could be lack of power. But, prior to the storm, the senior residence Ridgefield Crossings notified us that they are ready to roll. Our daughter starts her volunteer work this Friday with a senior and her cat. Am I wrong to assume that a senior residence would have a generator? If not, could be another delay.

Mother Nature: I think of you as my friend. When folks ask what I believe in I say Nature with a capital N. Now with two storms, some ringworm (is that a mother nature thing?) and human error, our daughter’s three months (tomorrow) in her CRS have reinforced my belief, Mother Nature Rules. Fingers crossed she will be a benevolent ruler for a change.

©Jill Edelman, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. 2011

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