Oil Change: 11-08-11

Coming Attractions: Today I am off to get an oil change, 20,000 miles plus on my new Toyota Venza, purchased a year ago on our daughter’s 21 birthday, November 4, and it seems appropriate to my state of mind. I am a bit burned out by birthday celebrations, storms and sickness and look forward to a clean up. The week’s weather bodes well for the likelihood of our daughter commencing with the long-awaited volunteer jobs at Ridgefield Crossings Thursday and ROAR Friday.

Quilt Completed? Once those job settings are in place, a weekly rhythm of two days DSO (Day Service Options) on Monday and Tuesday, two vocational days with three volunteer jobs on Thursday and Friday (ROAR, Ridgefield Crossings and The Complete Cat Clinic), Wednesday’s residential catch up composed of an in-house team meeting, behaviorist included, laundry, errands and bank fulfill the requirements of a five-day structured program. SPHERE Thursday evenings, Ridgefield Park and Recreation work out at the fitness center or pool in the afternoons, perhaps Yoga and/or Angelfish Therapeutic Aquatics as evening programming, Saturday morning Pegasus, and weekends replete in family events, friends, movies, museums, fairs, town activities and holy tamole, our daughter’s adult independent living quilt is complete. Whew!

We even purchased the needed new cell phone and winter coat yesterday, both long overdue. Ready to roll?

Fingers Crossed!

And On That Note: Happy Birthday To Blogger Guy’s Amazing Bride, the woman who stands by the man who stands by the blogging me.

©Jill Edelman, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. 2011

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