Home Heals: 11-13-11

Sunday, A Day Of Rest: Today our daughter is with us. She slept here last night, a good and restful sleep after “The worst week of my life.” It was a rough week, littered with interpersonal ruptures that took their toll with familiar melt downs so characteristic of this time of year, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), that “time of the month,” the full moon and schedule pressures. The good news is that her animal care jobs at ROAR and The Complete Cat Clinic remained unscathed but I felt the need to step in and gave her the choice to sleep “home” last night to prevent any damage to her warm relationship with her apartment-mate, as there was some spill over from the week’s difficulties.

Reruns of Drama in The Dorm: My husband and I recalled how at least twice an academic season at boarding school, our daughter needed rescue from “drama in the dorm.” “People are trying to get into my business” would translate to “bring her home for down time.” Though the dramas occurred outside the “dorm”  this year, the dynamics were the same. ABD (Ability Beyond Disability) has been wonderful, including telephone conferencing at 9 P.M. last evening. The residential coordinator impressed me with her grasp of our gal’s dynamics and consultations are in the works.

Recovery: The star magnate has a date to see Katy Perry in concert at MSG (Madison Square Garden) this Wednesday night with two super ladies in the entertainment business. In light of the recent downturn, I asked our daughter if  she still were up for the event and this morning received an affirmative response. I know she has no idea what she is in for, which is unsettling. Friday evening I  watched the HBO filming of the Madison Square Garden Lady Gaga concert and O.M.G., though Katy Perry is not Lady G., just the size, the sound, the lights, the bombardment of sensory stimulation might be over the top for our gal. I plan to be on call to bail her out if necessary.

Momma Boundaries: But the ladies invited her, and she signed on to go. Beyond some heads up for the escorts, I leave this to the powers that be, with Fingers Crossed, that a good time will be had by all. Typical parental role, I know.

©Jill Edelman, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. 2011

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