Amongst The Stars: 11-17-11

11:41 P.M. Our daughter must be meeting the star. Do these mega star concerts run this late? It is Wednesday night and our daughter went off to the Katy Perry concert without hesitation. In the car into NYC I told her that the concert was at Madison Square Garden, a place like a stadium. She says, “Like the Westminster dog show?” I forgot that but she didn’t. Probably five years ago my sister took us to the dog show at MSG. And after all my worries, she not only knows the venue, but glides off with the gals non-plussed and is possibly meeting the star as I sit poking my digits at the iPad key board, dying to go to sleep. Looks like she made it.

Evidence: At 9:23 I received a photo of beaming daughter at concert fitted out with orange ear plugs appearing nothing short of ecstatic, seated next to gorgeous friend while her sister snapped the image. So super sweet and kind of these extraordinary ladies.

12:13 A.M. Still not back up town. Can’ t go to bed because I have to come down to the lobby of my niece’s apartment building to meet the ladies. 12:21 A.M. just got the call. Heading down to lobby. Apparently our daughter met Ms. Perry, spent time chatting and lots of photos later, they are heading uptown. “Amazing time” they said. No doubt.

Yes, I am in my PJs. But I’ll don my coat and boots. No paparazzi after me, but can’t speak for the daughter, star magnet that she is.

©Jill Edelman, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. 2011

Happy Birthday, Blogger Guy!

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