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How Smart Is Humor: 9-10-11

A Necessary Balance: I had to cancel our UGGS (boots) shopping yesterday. Rescheduled for next Saturday due to a previous commitment to my husband to head down to Cape May Point, New Jersey if the weather were good. And so it was. Our daughter handled the delay well but I didn’t. I felt that I… Read the Rest Of This Article

The Strangeness Of Proximity: 6-29-11

Dad Visits The Apartment: Last night, for the first time, our daughter’s dad visited her soon to be new home. We set the trip mileage to zero and drove to the next town. Nine miles, eighteen minutes without traffic, between home and future abode. The tour went well and our daughter was proud to show… Read the Rest Of This Article

One A.M. Bedtime and Visiting Gaudi: 6-28-11

Late Nights, Long Phone Calls: Two weeks into our daughter’s vacation, two weeks short of the onset of programming, and the regression begins. This translates into 1:00 A.M. plus bedtime, hours on her cell with a young man northeast of here (this social contact is the good news), and resistance to “taking a walk” for… Read the Rest Of This Article

Parents Search For The Best Package: 6-22-11

One Size Does Not Fit All: Our family’s journey to find a suitable adult life for our daughter involved very specific steps from identifying need at an early age with the Department of Developmental Services, fulfilling eligibility requirements for SSI and Medicaid at eighteen, guardianship, and getting our DDS case manager actively involved in finding… Read the Rest Of This Article

OMG We Got The Apartment, I Think: 6-14-11

Busy First Day Of Adult Phase 1: Our daughter had her lunch meeting with future apartment mate and six ABD team members yesterday at the Olive Garden. The other mother was working so when I showed up with our daughter, the team asked me if I wanted to stay (I didn’t) but I bowed to our… Read the Rest Of This Article

On The Brink Of An Apartment: 6-8-11

Victorian: The other mother went over to check out this apartment I saw on Monday in a Victorian house within walking distance of Main Street. This might work. Spacious rooms, bathed in sunlight, expansive porch and the police station around the corner. It is an authentic Victorian which means a bit old fashion and a… Read the Rest Of This Article

Inspection Rehearsal: 4-28-11

Passed So Far: At the request of myself and the other mother, the service manager from our daughter’s soon-to-be service agency and a DDS representative met with the realtor and me at a 2-bedroom apartment in the complex where we hope the young ladies will reside. The purpose was to find out if this unit, though… Read the Rest Of This Article

Aging Out Scenarios: 4-23-11

Each One Is Different: Our daughter’s boarding school offers a transition weekend program each school year. Over five years, I attended three of these weekends. Amongst an offering of workshops on a range of relevant topics, the program includes a panel of parents whose children graduated from the school and are now in that phase… Read the Rest Of This Article

Good News and More Questions: 4-21-11

9:09 A.M. Today: I just wanted to let you know that PRAT reviewed and approved the request for rent subsidy for both girls, effective 7/1/11!   That email came from our case manager just as the other mother and I are about to visit two potential rental sites. Timely for two reasons: PRAT approved an… Read the Rest Of This Article

On The Same Page: 4-17-11

Vacancy: Yesterday we received notice in the mail that a vacancy for a two bedroom apartment in an affordable  housing complex became available. Sadly not in the town of our choice. Nor an area that we view as safe. The Other Mother: The notice came to our family but the decision had to be made by… Read the Rest Of This Article