Angelfish Therapy

A Magical Combination & A Swimming Buddy: 10-19-11

Angelfish Rocks: Our daughter apparently had a mighty fine time at her first full-fledged Angelfish swim lesson last evening. Her ABD staff told me she worked well with her new swim buddy, a young gentleman of similar age who welcomed companionship in the pool. I am thrilled. They did laps and jumping jacks and whatever… Read the Rest Of This Article

Angelfish: 10-18-11

Swim Lesson At Last: Tonight our daughter will have her first semi-private swim lesson with Angelfish, and Cindy Freedman, the talented occupational therapist who welcomed our daughter as a volunteer last Spring. Cindy’s talents are known far and wide.  My fingers are crossed that our daughter will allow the Angelfish magic to take hold, and… Read the Rest Of This Article

Tighten The Purse Strings and A New Peer Group: 6-21-11

A Glimpse At The Future: The Ability Beyond Disability team members responsible for staffing and planning the individualized day program visited our home this morning. A portion of the time was spent interviewing our daughter on her interests, social and vocational strengths and weaknesses and signing forms. We were also provided with an overview of her week… Read the Rest Of This Article

She Rocked The House and Stole The Show: 6-19-11

Happy Father’s Day: We are all happy today. Much has come together for our daughter in the last week. At her father’s birthday party, many friends celebrated the finalizing of the apartment in Ridgefield. Several either live near by her future cozy home, or work nearby. Throughout the gentle summer evening, bits and pieces of… Read the Rest Of This Article