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How Do You Teach Gratitude And Hurrah For The Other Mother: 7-25-11

The Dining Table Deal: While we were blissfully removed from the angst of Wi-Fi and cable installation (not happening) enjoying a weekend by the sea, the other mother was nailing down the rest of the kitchen list and buying the living room television. Brava, Other Mother! And even better, she saw the dining table I… Read the Rest Of This Article

Back To Reality And A Star Magnet: 7-24-11

Sunday’s Farewell: The weekend family frolic is ending and we will soon board the ferry back to reality. I don’t know if the other mother picked up the list of household/ kitchen items and went off to shop. Or if measurements were taken with the intention to purchase the flat screen television for the living… Read the Rest Of This Article

Successfully Installed With One Glitch: 7-21-11

Danny and The Truck: Interesting how you can monitor delivery by the moment. Tracker Bob, or whatever it is called, keeps you guessing, but gives you answers. It’s just that they keep changing the answers, up, down and sideways. However, I did install myself in the Ridgefield apartment which joyously has central A.C., with my… Read the Rest Of This Article

No Cable, No Move? And Mucho Dinero: 7-20-11

No Kidding: 8:33 P.M. last evening our residential coordinator emailed that installation of the cable Wi-Fi system failed yesterday due to antiquated wiring. Hey, that sounds like me, antiquated wiring and some fraying around the edges. Her staff requires Internet access immediately upon move-in and it wasn’t certain that cable rescheduling with re-wiring is possible… Read the Rest Of This Article

Pots, Pans and New Plans: 7-18-11

Outfitting For Adulthood: Yesterday, the sunny sleepy summer kind of day, our daughter was content to loll around the house, regrouping from a hectic first week of Ability Beyond Disability programming, two very social nights at home, and an energizing yet ultimately enervating sidewalk sales event the previous day. Unfortunately for her, Mom has a… Read the Rest Of This Article

Ambiguity Doesn’t Work For Special Needs: 7-17-11

Sleep Overs:¬†While observing our daughter frolicking with family friends, her brother and one of his pals last evening, I began to wonder, when she moves in to her apartment, will we have sleepovers? How does that work? If home is there and home is still kind of here, can she just call and say, “Can… Read the Rest Of This Article

Not All Links In The Chain Are The Same: 7-16-11

Incomplete Cat: Yesterday I hit a wall. Our daughter’s day, an “Individualized Day” with a coach who takes her to her volunteer job, was a bomb. First the poor lady got lost coming to the house. Not a biggie. But then the placement, The Complete Cat Clinic in Brookfield, CT, didn’t know they were coming…. Read the Rest Of This Article

Staff With Bounce And Mom Bumps: 7-15-11

Playing Catch Up: Wednesday was “Individualized Home Support” day. Since the ladies have not as yet moved into their apartment, the home support consisted of a residential staff person, Melissa, arriving to pick up our daughter so they could spend time getting to know each other. The plan was to take her to the new… Read the Rest Of This Article

The Day Ran Away With Me: 7-14-11

Furniture: Though there is much to write about our daughter’s last two days in her program, I will leave that for tomorrow. Today I spent three hours buying bedroom furniture, because I realized at 5 a.m. last Monday, that it was less expensive and more pragmatic than dragging her bedroom here to there. With her… Read the Rest Of This Article

Madam Librarian And A Home In Two Towns: 7-13-11

Madam Librarian: At 4 P.M. yesterday, as instructed, I showed up at the Ridgefield Library, located in our daughter’s soon to be new hometown. As most continental Americans know, July 12th, 2011, was one hot day. Our daughter emerged from the library panting much like puppy dog Wags whom I had just left at home…. Read the Rest Of This Article