children with special needs

The Pop-In, A Flat Tire But A Decent Day: 7-12-11

The Pop-In: I did do the pop-in at noontime. The little bus was late but off our daughter went to her first day of two-per-week attending a group program at ABD’s Leir Pavillon. Just twenty minutes from our home, I was able to dash over between sessions to observe the Day Support Options, a fairly ambiguous… Read the Rest Of This Article

Waiting For The Little Bus, Again? 7-11-11

Deja Vu: It is 8:15 a.m. and our daughter is up, dressed, breakfasted and logged on to Facebook. The Ability Beyond Disability bus is expected any moment. After a five-year absence, and no longing for its return, I can’t believe the little bus will be coming up the drive again. So many memories of little… Read the Rest Of This Article

The Little Mermaid: 5-27-11

Which Mermaid Was That? Out of state friends visited some months after our daughter’s birth. I was in the throes of Disney ecstasy, believe it or not, after having seen the Little Mermaid with our son, who shared my joy. After all, what could be more reggae fun than Sebastian the crab and the hysterically evil Ursula,… Read the Rest Of This Article

SPHERE, Special People Indeed: 5-22-11

An Acronym That Works: SPHERE , founded in 1987 by a group of parents in the town of Ridgefield, Connecticut, stands for: Special People Housing Education Recreation Employment. And Wow, they are special! Last night I attended the yearly performance of SPHERE’s theater group. This year, for the first time, the group made a movie, an… Read the Rest Of This Article

Protecting The Siblings of Special Needs: 5-5-11

The Others: I don’t know the statistics, but I would bet that most of us special needs parents have other children. I have spent a great deal of time amongst these other children, my other child, and the children of  families with whom we have shared Special Olympics or horse back riding programs, special needs… Read the Rest Of This Article

Training For Mother’s Day: 5-4-11

Mother’s Day and Special Needs: Our daughter is upset that she will not be spending Mother’s Day with me. She can if she really wants to do that. I can drive up to her school in four hours. That is not the problem. Ambivalence: What seems to be at work here is the issue of… Read the Rest Of This Article

Parenting Special Needs: Find a Mutual Passion: 4-7-11

Bonding and Passion: Follow Their Bread Crumbs. I was thinking about how I discovered the key to managing a young defiant special needs child. For many many years our daughter was resistant to most activities outside the home except shopping. She loved the mall. At 2 years old she could go through the racks of… Read the Rest Of This Article

Are We There Yet? 4-6-11

Purpose, Patience and Perseverance, The Three P’s of This Process: A fellow parent from my daughter’s school emailed yesterday with questions regarding the aging out process. Her daughter is a fellow schoolmate of our daughter, one year her junior and from a different state. As I responded to her email a bunch of memories flowed… Read the Rest Of This Article

Having A Comrade Helps: 4-3-11

Our daughter is matched with another young lady to share an apartment (a CRS), and supervisory staff (utilizing the same service agency, required,  and a common DDS case manager, helpful but not necessary). Two young ladies together is good. For funding and other reasons, three would be better but no other match exists at this time…. Read the Rest Of This Article

Crazy Quilt, 4-2-11

The actual date of the allocation of funding for our daughter’s new life remains elusive due to the labyrinthine nature of bureaucracy. Slated as a “priority age out”, that is, 21 years old, and having lived outside the parental home, with a sufficient level of need, our daughter is in a good position to receive… Read the Rest Of This Article