Continuous Residential Support

A Humbling Journey with Warts and Blemishes for All To See: Part 2: 3-27-12

Jeez What An Adjustment: Since our daughter moved into her CRS on August 1, 2011, I have struggled to define the parameters of my role as mother in the new order. The fact that as of July 1, 2012¬†our daughter has become the responsibility of the State of Connecticut and a client of Ability Beyond… Read the Rest Of This Article

One Mother Wanted To Schmooze: 9-2-11

The Check In: Thirty minutes after I published yesterday’s post, our daughter called; “Hi.” “Hi Sweetie, how are you?” “Good.” “How was your day?” “Good.” “What did you do?” “Well…” And she went on to describe a trip to the recreation center, time on the treadmill, a visit to Puppy Love, a local pet store,… Read the Rest Of This Article

Pots, Pans and New Plans: 7-18-11

Outfitting For Adulthood: Yesterday, the sunny sleepy summer kind of day, our daughter was content to loll around the house, regrouping from a hectic first week of Ability Beyond Disability programming, two very social nights at home, and an energizing yet ultimately enervating sidewalk sales event the previous day. Unfortunately for her, Mom has a… Read the Rest Of This Article

She Rocked The House and Stole The Show: 6-19-11

Happy Father’s Day: We are all happy today. Much has come together for our daughter in the last week. At her father’s birthday party, many friends celebrated the finalizing of the apartment in Ridgefield. Several either live near by her future cozy home, or work nearby. Throughout the gentle summer evening, bits and pieces of… Read the Rest Of This Article