cousins of special needs

Deluge And Delay: 8-14-11

Falling Behind: Today we lunched with delicious cousins who practically rowed up in the deluge of rain that poured the distance between Westchester County and Ridgefield and back again. They delightedly posed for pictures on the red couch, lunched and left for home leaving our daughter and her mate happy and feeling loved. Now I… Read the Rest Of This Article

Cleaning Sticky Books: 7-22-11

Madam Librarian: Our daughter’s first volunteer day at the Ridgefield Library was less than stellar, from her perspective. Her job was to wipe off the sticky smears left by preschoolers and the like on book covers and pages. To her credit, according to her coach, she did a thorough job. I thought that was grand…. Read the Rest Of This Article

Vacationing With Special Needs: 7-9-11

The Agony and The Ecstasy: We are back. A week spent in Florida with our daughter and our niece whacked me with the good and the not so good of special needs vacationing. I am always reluctant to describe our daughter’s “mishaps” or “screw ups” to illustrate why she is “special” but in the service… Read the Rest Of This Article

Cousins Fill The Friendship Gap: 5-9-11

Dedicated To Rosa: Yesterday was Mother’s Day and on Facebook our niece posted a Happy Mother’s Day to me. On the heels of ¬†yesterday’s piece regarding the absence of real friends for many special needs children, I remembered with gratitude how much our daughter’s cousin filled in the gaps for many years. Cousins Rock: When… Read the Rest Of This Article