intellectual disability

Successful Launch: 8-2-11

Celebrating With Balloons and An Earache: Truly all went smoothly yesterday. Aside from an earache, probably swimmers ear (she is being taken to her doctor today by staff, amazing), the move-in was a triumph of coordination and readiness. Seven ABD staff members were present, setting up, cleaning or just greeting our daughter and her apartment-mate… Read the Rest Of This Article

Night Time Fears: 7-30-11

A Team of Caretakers: Ability Beyond Disability, our service provider agency, is hoping that the program developed for our daughter and her apartment mate will serve as both a template and a model program in the State. Utilizing the CRS residential category (a Connecticut Department of Developmental Services (DDS) model that translates to Continuous Residential Supports For… Read the Rest Of This Article

Count Down: 7-26-11

Ready Or Not: I think I am ready for the hand-off. More importantly is our daughter? I think so. I’m beat. But this is not about Mom. This is about our daughter and I think she is ready too. Home is good but it includes a “nagging mom” and nagging moms, at some point, are… Read the Rest Of This Article

Ambiguity Doesn’t Work For Special Needs: 7-17-11

Sleep Overs: While observing our daughter frolicking with family friends, her brother and one of his pals last evening, I began to wonder, when she moves in to her apartment, will we have sleepovers? How does that work? If home is there and home is still kind of here, can she just call and say, “Can… Read the Rest Of This Article

Staff With Bounce And Mom Bumps: 7-15-11

Playing Catch Up: Wednesday was “Individualized Home Support” day. Since the ladies have not as yet moved into their apartment, the home support consisted of a residential staff person, Melissa, arriving to pick up our daughter so they could spend time getting to know each other. The plan was to take her to the new… Read the Rest Of This Article

The Pop-In, A Flat Tire But A Decent Day: 7-12-11

The Pop-In: I did do the pop-in at noontime. The little bus was late but off our daughter went to her first day of two-per-week attending a group program at ABD’s Leir Pavillon. Just twenty minutes from our home, I was able to dash over between sessions to observe the Day Support Options, a fairly ambiguous… Read the Rest Of This Article

Buying Underwear At The Mall: 6-25-11

My Heart Swelled: Yesterday was a pretty femme day, haircuts and two trips to Victoria’s Secret at the mall, the first at our daughter’s request to purchase undies with some graduation money. The second to buy a gift for a cousin, another Victoria fan. As we entered Victoria’s chambers, a patient rang me on the cell,… Read the Rest Of This Article

The “R” Word: 6-7-11

Slurs: I grew up in a world that was well acquainted with religious slurs, but not the “r” word. Perhaps because in the 1950’s and early 60’s, the world focused on communist threats and racial and religious inequities, leaving the problems of the intellectually challenged for the most part, out of the news. My early childhood… Read the Rest Of This Article

Bureaucracy versus Safety: 4-15-11

Ceiling on Rent: I am feeling concerned regarding rent allocations. There is a HUD ceiling for a rental in our area that falls short of the current market value of a two bedroom apartment in the town that we would like our daughter to reside. To apply for a higher rent subsidy allocation, the other… Read the Rest Of This Article