Project Forward

Who Will Teach Her Now? 6-23-11

What Will Happen With Money, Time and Measurement Issues? At our meeting two days ago with the service agency, Ability Beyond Disability, I brought out one of those refrigerator-size white 3-ring binders labeled “Career Portfolio” that Riverview/Grow and our daughter have assembled over two years. The contents include her vocational evaluations from Project Forward where… Read the Rest Of This Article

All Graduations Are Tear Jerkers: 5-25-11

Tears Galore: All graduations are moving and long. Inevitably when your child or their best buddy walks up to receive the diploma, the heart swells, and the tears spill. A special education graduation offers an additional punch. A real pow to the emotional gut. Tears for The Struggles of Others: There were several student speakers… Read the Rest Of This Article

Closing In On Aging Out: 5-21-11

Funding Approval: Yesterday we received word that our daughter’s future apartment mate received DDS approval to fund her part of their shared staffing requirements. This was the final patch needed for that section of the crazy quilt of future planning. Finalizing The Goodbyes: Monday we have the final PPT with our school district. Participating in… Read the Rest Of This Article

Special Needs and The White House: 5-20-11

David and Susan Axelrod: Even the White House knows special needs. While away for six days with my husband, I watched Piers Morgan on CNN interview David Axelrod, President Obama’s former senior advisor and primary campaign strategist. David and his wife Susan Landau are parents of a “special needs” daughter, now in her late twenties,… Read the Rest Of This Article