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The Young Ladies Are Getting Psyched: 4-22-11

Roommates: Yesterday our daughter’s roommate joined her mother and I when we visited the two apartments. She had an Easter break which our daughter did not. There was a noticeable excitement in her face as we walked through the doorways of each apartment. Together the mom and daughter inspected closets and checked kitchen cabinets, chatting… Read the Rest Of This Article

Bureaucracy versus Safety: 4-15-11

Ceiling on Rent: I am feeling concerned regarding rent allocations. There is a HUD ceiling for a rental in our area that falls short of the current market value of a two bedroom apartment in the town that we would like our daughter to reside. To apply for a higher rent subsidy allocation, the other… Read the Rest Of This Article

Are We There Yet? 4-6-11

Purpose, Patience and Perseverance, The Three P’s of This Process: A fellow parent from my daughter’s school emailed yesterday with questions regarding the aging out process. Her daughter is a fellow schoolmate of our daughter, one year her junior and from a different state. As I responded to her email a bunch of memories flowed… Read the Rest Of This Article