Safety and Adult Special Needs

Unbridled Joy, Some Ick And A Great Cocktail: 12-17-13

Twenty-Four and She’s So Much More: Three months have passed since I posted on our daughter’s adult life. And the reason rests in the paws of our new puppy Tillie, whose own developmental stages have usurped much of my writing time with her walking, leaping, nipping and general mayhem-ing. Across town our daughter is developing… Read the Rest Of This Article

What Should I Wish For? Update on Adult Special Needs

Hurricane Sandy: Strange how the Halloween season has become a natural disaster magnet for the Northeast. Fortunately, our daughter’s Halloween festivities were celebrated prior to Sandy’s hit. She dressed as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, with a toy Toto in a basket and a brown wig perched atop her head, and attended two parties…. Read the Rest Of This Article

Discomfort Zone: 4-27-11

Scathing But Essential: Yesterday’s post resonated with a number of moms who identified with the need to present their child’s abilities with scathing accuracy. Scathing in the normal world, because the flaws and imperfections, weaknesses, incapacities, seeming “stupidities” are emphasized, not the talents, the goodness nor the abilities. This is a deeply painful process for a… Read the Rest Of This Article

Bureaucracy versus Safety: 4-15-11

Ceiling on Rent: I am feeling concerned regarding rent allocations. There is a HUD ceiling for a rental in our area that falls short of the current market value of a two bedroom apartment in the town that we would like our daughter to reside. To apply for a higher rent subsidy allocation, the other… Read the Rest Of This Article