special needs and transitions

When Something New Is Ventured And A Horse Named Milos: 7-10-11

Pegasus: Yesterday our daughter resumed her career in horseback riding in a pristine arena followed by a trail ride under a soft blue sky. She rode Milos, a grass-eating, somewhat distracted brown horse. She proudly sat tall in her saddle, monitoring her posture, which was one of her two stated goals, the other being staying… Read the Rest Of This Article

The Little Mermaid: 5-27-11

Which Mermaid Was That?¬†Out of state friends visited¬†some months after our daughter’s birth. I was in the throes of Disney ecstasy, believe it or not, after having seen the Little Mermaid with our son, who shared my joy. After all, what could be more reggae fun than Sebastian the crab and the hysterically evil Ursula,… Read the Rest Of This Article