Special Needs Graduation

A Five Year Ritual Ends: 5-31-11

Holding Pattern: I think I have been in a bit of a holding pattern for the last couple of weeks. There were a series of meetings that had a finality to them: Ability Beyond Disability some weeks ago where we officially signed our daughter over to their care, come July; the Project Forward, Cape Cod… Read the Rest Of This Article

Count Down to June 12: 5-29-11

Thirteen Days Away: Sunday two weeks from today at 10 a.m. our daughter, dressed in cap and gown, will enter the tented arena for the Riverview/Grow graduation ceremonies. I have a lump in my throat and fear in my belly. Memorial Day Perspective: Tomorrow is Memorial Day and the media is a buzz with all… Read the Rest Of This Article

Graduation 2011: Again? 4-19-11

Another Graduation: Our daughter graduated from her boarding school secondary program in 2009. Two years later, one year shorter than many of her fellow graduates in ’09, she is about to graduate from the post secondary program. I thought we would low key this one. Her secondary program graduation brought in cousins, aunts, uncles and… Read the Rest Of This Article