supplemental needs trust

The Night Shift and Supplemental Needs Trusts: 8-17-11

Unrealized Fears: The other mother and I had worries about the nighttime staff. The two women had appeared sleepy and detached at the all-staff introduction only a few short days before the girls moved to their new apartment and alarm bells related to nighttime, new home and strangers in charge rang loud in our maternal… Read the Rest Of This Article

Tighten The Purse Strings and A New Peer Group: 6-21-11

A Glimpse At The Future:┬áThe Ability Beyond Disability┬áteam members responsible for staffing and planning the individualized day program visited our home this morning. A portion of the time was spent interviewing our daughter on her interests, social and vocational strengths and weaknesses and signing forms. We were also provided with an overview of her week… Read the Rest Of This Article