transitions and special needs

Waiting For The Little Bus, Again? 7-11-11

Deja Vu: It is 8:15 a.m. and our daughter is up, dressed, breakfasted and logged on to Facebook. The Ability Beyond Disability bus is expected any moment. After a five-year absence, and no longing for its return, I can’t believe the little bus will be coming up the drive again. So many memories of little… Read the Rest Of This Article

How Do You Translate Special Needs Into English? 5-30-11

A Different Journey: This is the season for parents to mark their children’s passages, whether it is a “moving up” ceremony to middle school, or the great leap from college to…somewhere and beyond. It is a fun exchange of parental pride edged with some skepticism and fear. But for the special needs parent, there is… Read the Rest Of This Article

Taking A Break: 5-12-11

Coming Down To The Wire: Today I am off to my daughter’s school. Four hours up, four hours down. She is having a bit of  a rough patch and no wonder: this is the end of the year pressure that many students feel, special needs and typical, and on top of that, she is saying… Read the Rest Of This Article

In Transit: 5-1-11

Contact in Motion: Everyday for the last three weeks our daughter calls me. This is new. She has had a cell phone for probably four years but never has she called me with anything remotely resembling this frequency of contact. Probably ninety percent of the calls are made while in transit. She is on the… Read the Rest Of This Article

Parenting Adult Special Needs: One Day At A Time

Your Child Is Coming Back To A Town Near You — Or  Maybe They Never Left: Our daughter is graduating this June from a special education boarding school and returning to her home state of Connecticut after five years living with peers in a dormitory setting where all needs were met: academic, social and vocational…. Read the Rest Of This Article